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from Jane Oakley

Welcome to my website


I am a well respected qualitative research specialist with a wealth of experience and a proven record in delivering illuminating and actionable consumer-based insight 
resulting in client projects succeeding and brands growing
I can support and work with you on all aspects of your project,  be that full service or on specific parts of the package, such as moderating and reporting


My expertise lies in investigating people's personal, home, shopping, leisure, health and work lives, probing into their perceptions, desires, motivations and behaviour.

My focus is on identifying influences at different stages of the consumer journey, understanding how and why audiences respond to the products, brands, services and messages attempting to engage with them and spotting opportunities for maintaining and developing positive and profitable customer relationships.

What makes me different is my own personal style: collaborative and committed; enthusiastic and energetic; enabling and empathetic; open and inquisitive; challenging and adaptive. Ensuring clients and colleagues, as well as consumer participants in our projects, have well-directed, thought-provoking and rewarding experiences, accompanied by a spirit of good humour ...

... I hope you enjoy browsing my site!
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