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Many successful collaborations with...


Client Companies including:
A major Prestige Beauty Company  Colgate-Palmolive    Next    Tesco
Thomas Pink   Superdrug     Sacla

Dole Foods   Cadbury   Kraft   BirdsEye United Biscuits     Danone   Dairy Crest  Jamie Oliver   Whitbread   Pfizer   Unilever   Johnson & Johnson

AstraZeneca    Reckitt Benckiser   NSPCC    PDSA   University of Greenwich

As well as advertising, design and NPD agencies...

...and other research partners in the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, the Americas, India and across the globe.

10's of 000's of conversations with...


‘End Consumers’:​

­Women and Men

­Children, Teens, Students

Families, 3rd Age

Consumer ‘Gatekeepers’:

­Parents, Grandparents, Guardians

Gifters, Pet owners

Healthcare Professionals:

­Doctors, Pharmacists,Dentists, Hygienists. Optometrists, Opticians, Veterinarians 

Other Experts:

Journalists, Teachers, Librarians,

Politicians and Government officers

Corporate Management and Staff:

CEO's and Board Directors

Retail/Marketing/Production/R&D managers

Front of house and counter service

Kitchen and backroom support

Audiences requiring sensitive approaches:

Breast cancer and rheumatoid arthritis patients

Parents about child sex abuse

Intimate hygiene and sexual health

Ethnic communities

In the beginning...

I was a co-founder and Director of   

c r u c i b l e  Research, 

building its success as a branded profitable business, forging relationships with great clients, working alongside colleagues and suppliers and mentoring new talent.


Previously, I started out client-side and progressed from graduate trainee to Research Group Head at Cadbury...

... before crossing to agency land, learning my qualitative craft at The Consumer Connection and developing workshop skills at The Forum.


This has led to...
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